Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual


Guys wish me luck, I am going to audition for "Work for Diddy Part II" I am going to bring the GameOnaNation attitude to them. I am going to get my hair cut before I head over there. I will give you guys a update on how everything went.

Update: I will know in two days if they would like for me to be on the show.

Final Update: I guess I did not get it since no one contacted me or my staff, but it was fun process.



05/10/2009 10:11

Good Luck! Represent! I know you'll bring some A game to the D+ crowd!!!

Dawg the (racist) Bounty Hunter
05/10/2009 11:54

Good luck bro. Go get 'em!!!!!

05/16/2009 20:58

Hey my twin sorry you didn't make it but I know you gave it your all.


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