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As a student of history, I dig through my books and there are words that always ring true to the current events that we are facing today. When the United States tortured and killed John Brown on Nov. 2nd 1859 for standing up against the ill practice of slavery, that event sent shockwaves throughout the world. Victor Hugo in France stated, "The punishment of John Brown may consolidate slavery in Virginia, but it will certainly shatter the American Democracy. You preserve your shame but you kill your glory." Can't you see that by the United States not prosecuting those that utilized torture is nothing more than preserving their shame to only kill their glory of the United States.

I love the
United States like I love my family, however when my family does wrong I call them out on it. For every action there is a equal reaction. This reaction may be called by some, 'payback'. Listen to Immortal Technique as he gives you a history listen on his song, 'Payback.'



Johannes de Silentio
04/28/2009 04:03

That was a great commentary on John Brown. Immortal Technique is always thought-provoking.

09/27/2013 07:23

Was browsing through Weebly when I stumbled here


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