Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

I would like to use the life of Sean Combs as inspiration for all of us to make the most out of life and do not stay down when life knocks you down. Look at the life of Mr. Combs:

1. Lost his father to street violence at a young age.
2.  As a Party Promoter, threw a over crowed event in which 9 people died.
3.  Dropped out of college from Howard University
4. Got Fired from Uptown as the youngest (19 years old) VP of A&R
5. Lost his largest selling artist on the BadBoy Label, Biggie, to gun violence
6. His second most successful artist, Mase, leaves BadBoy for God
7. Faces a gun charge for a shooting in a New York nightclub and loses another artist, Shine, to a prison term of 10 years.
8. Jennifer Lopez ends off her relationship with Mr. Combs because of the nightclub shooting.

You have to respect Mr. Combs because a lot of you out there would have used bullet point one as a reason why you have done nothing with your life. I think we all need to adopt the "Don't Stop, Can't Stop" attitude of Mr. Combs and then the sky will be the limit.

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