Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual


Since immigration has become a big talking point in the United States, extra attention is being made on the border and the drug trade. However, why is the media only focusing on the immigration issue now? This is the same border that existed in 70's and 80's and it was not an issue then but now it has become an issue? The media is trying to bring extra attention to the immigration issue by talking about the flow of drugs from Mexico, but drugs have been flowing from Mexico since drugs were created. The media is trying to give a new face to an old dog. Sounds like game on a nation to me.

There many players that take part in the drug trade: Grower, Wholesaler, Middle Man, Seller, Buyer and Law Enforcement. And sometimes law enforcement plays additional roles within the line up. The world is never black and white; it is a grey colored world where everything is not always clear. I never want to tell you want to think, but I think that you should perform your own research. Your starting point should be the book, "Dark Alliance" by Gary Webb and this book will change your current perspective.

Immortal Technique explains the flow of drugs from Central America to the United States so eloquently in his song "Peruvian Cocaine", which I attached below.



07/13/2012 23:00

We get all the information through media and this time media reveal it.


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