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Anytime we heard rumors or claims from anyone including our own government we must apply the points from the Baloney Detection Kit. Here are the following points:

1. How reliable is the source of the claim?
2. Does this source often make similar claims?
3. Have the claims been verified by another source?
4. How does the claim works with we know about how the world works?
5. Has anyone gone out of their way to disprove this claim, or only has supportive evidence?
6. Does the preponderance of evidence points to the claimant's evidence or to a different one?
7. Is the claimant employing the accepted rules of reason and tools of research, or have these been abandoned in favor of others that lead to the desired conclusion?
8. Is the claimant providing an explanation for the observed phenomena or merely denying the existing explanation?
9. If the claimant proffers a new explanation, does it account for for as many phenomena as the old one did?
10. Do the claimant's personal beliefs and biases drive the conclusion, or vice versa?

Check the video for an explanation of these points from Michael Shermer, while I grab a glass of merlot. 

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