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As I was holding dialog across this ocean we call the internet, someone had a question regarding Tupac's song Blasphemy. The question that was posed to me was, "What's [Tupac] meant when he said Niggaz in Jerusalem waiting for signs??" 

Good question, let me break it down for you. He is stating that instead of people taking action in their own hands, they are waiting for God to send them messages. Tupac is taking a stance that can be found in Cornel West's book, "Prophesy Deliverance: An Afro-American Revolutionary Christianity" Please comment if there are any other questions that you would like to have addressed.

I should charge by the hour for this, someone pass me a drink and go check out the video for yourself.



04/16/2009 20:02

From one Tupac fan to another I respect your great analysis on this subject. Keep up the good work and peace and blessing be upon you.


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