Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual


Some of you may tremble when I say the name of Malcolm X, what images come to mind? Is it the image of anger, hate, or a rebel without a cause? If that is the image that comes to mind then COINTELPRO has and still is able to shape an individual's image to this day, and you have not taken it upon yourself to truly understand this "shining prince". I admire Malcolm X so greatly because he became an outstanding debater, not by going to the halls of Harvard or any other college, but by his own self will to improve upon himself by reading and seeking out knowledge for himself. This outstanding mind and courageous voice came into being in a very difficult time for African Americans. Do not allow the mass media to write out a true patriot of the United States, please pick up his autobiography and get to understand this great individual for yourself.

Attached is a video that illustrates Malcolm X's dexterity in debating. They try to back him in a corner and he verbally knocks their brains out.  May some of you have an ounce of a back bone as this great man.

Note: Keep in mind this is during a time period when most African Americans would keep their eyes to the ground when crossing white Americans in public. 



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