Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual


I am disheartened that the United States decided to not attend the conference, but then again we have to think of the question, 'why?’ Why would a nation who is the leader of the free world not what to take part in a conference regarding racism? The answer is because no one wants to attend a gathering in which their peers can point at their faults. Folks, racism is still an issue that the United States has failed to deal with since its creation.

The election of President Obama does not magically erase the fact that in todays prison systems a minority group that makes up 13% of the general population makes up 60% of the prison population. This would be one of the key statements that would be tossed at the United States at the Conference on Racism, and the United States does not want to face that issue head on with other nations. Sen. Webb would agree with me that the national prison system is a disgrace.



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