Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

Shots fired! Shots fired! 50 Cent has pulled a perfect strategy straight out of his book the 50th Law - Chapter 3 - Turn Shit Into Sugar, Opportunism. 50 Cent saw a perfect Achilles Heel in the Hip Hop Armor of Jay-Z, in the dispute between Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel. Everyone who has their ear to street know that Beanie as always acted as the muscle for Jay-Z, anything that would pop off in the Club Beanie would be the first one to jump up to "handle" the situation. This is why 50 Cent says at the end of the song to Jay-Z, "You don't want the shooter?? I will take him!!"  Beanie Sigel asked Jay-Z for some assistance and Jay-Z felt that he had no obligation to assistance Beanie. Now 50 Cent is stepping in the void to give Beanie all the support that Beanie needs to get his cash flow going. What does 50 Cent get out of all of this?? The perfect opportunity to dethrone Jay-Z, which is pure strategy to obtain more power within the Hip Hop world. By the way, the song is straight fire. Click the video to check out the song that was just released.


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