Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual


Let Nas tell you a little bit about this great scholar that we have lost.

"Niggas never really seen paper in this world
American blacks the teenager of this world
Give us twenty more years to grow up
Already geniuses; what I mean is this
I used to worship a certain Queens police murderer
'Til I read the words of Ivan van Sertima
He inserted something in me
That made me feel worthier
Now I spit revolution
I'm his hood interpreter"
- Nas, "We are not alone"

I can see you guys now googling the name of Dr. Van Sertima, well here is a hint, one of his most renown books is "They Came Before Columbus". Pick it up and read, I was going to give a biography summary on this scholar. But why should I do all the work, if you are truly interested in learning about this great scholar then pick up his book. For some of my lazy friends out there I have attached a couple videos of Dr. Van Sertima explaining his work on "They Came Before Columbus". Someone get me something to drink as I hand feed knowledge to these lost souls. 



Jack B. Nimble
06/03/2009 22:38

What song does that quote come from? That was excellent. Sertima like Diop and George James do not receive the respect they deserve. It's quite unfortunate. I try to bring them up in my classroom whenever i can.


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