Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

If you were at Coachella this weekend, you got a surprise when  the legendary Tupac Shakur performed in front of a crowd. Okay, it was not him in person, but technology was used to create an actually hologram of his likeness that was so close to the real thing that it was very eerie. Watching Tupac on stage was eerie in deed because it makes you think where Mr. Shakur would be right now if he had lived that tragic night. At the same breath seeing him perform will make you forget about all of the current rappers out there. Tupac will allows be the zenith of Hip Hop culture and for many men out there the personification of man hood. See Tupac's performance for yourself, click the video below.
I think Tupac saw the game that was being ran on this nation a long time ago. With his song panther power he makes it seem so clear.
Just came across this new song which a mix of Tupac, Ice Cube, and the Game. It just makes me think that if Pac was still alive how much power he would have in the rap game and outside of it. If Tupac would have called for all of the youth to assemble and to await his orders the streets would be flooded like those your saw in Egypt. Ask the FBI if you disagree.
This is for all of your love ones who are not here with you to share Christmas. I will let Tupac put the sprite of Christmas in perspective. While you fill your bellies with food keep in mind those that do not have during the holiday season. The main lesson that you should learn from Tupac's discussion is that we need to learn to pass on a Legacy to our children. We have to build our own empire since it is not being passed down by our fathers. Have a Happy Holiday from!

As I was holding dialog across this ocean we call the internet, someone had a question regarding Tupac's song Blasphemy. The question that was posed to me was, "What's [Tupac] meant when he said Niggaz in Jerusalem waiting for signs??" 

Good question, let me break it down for you. He is stating that instead of people taking action in their own hands, they are waiting for God to send them messages. Tupac is taking a stance that can be found in Cornel West's book, "Prophesy Deliverance: An Afro-American Revolutionary Christianity" Please comment if there are any other questions that you would like to have addressed.

I should charge by the hour for this, someone pass me a drink and go check out the video for yourself.


If economic and social justice is not put in place the have-nots will start taking from the have's. Serious attention needs to be placed on the economic development of Somalia and other areas of Africa. If a plan is not put in place to equalize this global situation of unbalanced economics, then these attacks by the pirates will continue. 

If you were in your neighborhood and you could not buy a loaf of bread, yet there are loads of freight trucks going through you neighborhood. What would you do? Starve? Or take action?

Let's hear from the late great Tupac Shakur on this issue:

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