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With the revolutions happening all around the world what would the United States do if the people revolted as well? You just have to look at the the state of Wisconsin to see the protesting taking place there, but it is funny how the major news organizations are not covering it. Pop the video below to get schooled.
The folks at Rap News dropped a fresh video about current events surrounding Wiki Leaks. Open your eyes and support Wiki Leaks, no government should hide information from their citizens.
Welcome back friend, it is time once again that I feed you some truth in a fashion that is easy for you to swallow. Some of you have heard of Wikileaks and the Senate proposing a Kill-switch on the internet. If they are allowed to put in place a kill-switch then they may focus on killing websites like Wikileaks and others that help spread another perspective that the mass media will not share with the general population. Pop the video from Rap News below and I hope that you give it some serious thought. Naw, you are probably going to look at some porn next and not pay attention to the world events that are unfolding in front of you.