Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

In this song Lupe really has some strong points:

"Your child's future was the first to go in the budget cuts"

"O'Reilly is racist, Glen Beck is a racist, The Gaza Strip was being bomb Obama didn't say shit."

Don't waste time listening to me talk, click the video below and give it a listen for yourself.
Lupe's album just dropped this last Tuesday and I have to say there is one stand out song on there that will get everyone talking about the affects of Slavery and Racism on African American culture. But let's sit in our chairs and think about what would our reality be if the Slave Trade did not occur at all and African-American had a stronger understanding of self. Close your eyes and hit play while Lupe paints a perfect picture for you.
I know that a lot of you guys are bumping rappers who are idealizing drug dealers and street frame. What drug dealers do you know that are retired and living well? The answer is none. If you are listening to the music for entertainment, then that is fine. If you are listening to the music with hopes are entering the drug game or to get confirmation of your drug dealing then just stop right now. How about you listen to Lupe put you on game on some real black leaders. With no further ado, Lupe take it away.
This song gives me so much energy to keep moving forward and to proof the nay sayers wrong. Like Lupe says, "I get my energy, from my inner G." Pop the video below for a shot of this energy that I am talking about.
This is what I am going to be bumping as I get ready for a night out on the town in Chicago. Now picture us drinking what we drink, and smoking what we smoke as we go 80 miles per hour on Interstate 94 in my gun metal coupe. And of course we will have the music blasting all through the ride. Imagine all of this knowledge that I have in my head being shared with you, so the conversation is not boring. Just don't let my girl catch you talking to me, she will beat your face in.

In Lupe Fiasco’s Switch, he displays his lyrical word play to be able to jump between multiple personalities that deal with bravado, sub-conscience word manipulation, self-conscience rap, materiality, and reality. He does this all within a 3 minute song and jumps back and forth between the personalities and changes the flow of his rap style from fast to slow. Who said Hip-Hop is dead, enjoy.