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Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

Jay Smooth from Ill Doctrine has the perfect analogy regarding the news media (mostly right wing) who tries to down play the Occupy Wall Street movement. But don't just listen to me, click below and hear the analysis straight from Jay Smooth's mouth.
If you guys have not heard in the past few weeks, Rand Paul, who is the son of Ron Paul believes that businesses should be allowed to discriminate against anyone that they choose. Let's get Jay's opinion from ILLDOCTRINE to speak on this issue. Pop the video below to hear the words of wisdom.
My boy Ill Doctrine examines the bull shit excuse that T-Pain tries to give after being used as a tool by the far right. I will let Ill Doc speak for himself, pop the video to hear his take on the T-Pain ignorance on politics. Remember you can spot the game in every day life, and I am just trying to show you the game that is being ran on this nation. In this case the game on T-Pain.
Had to dropped a video from my boy Ill Doctrine who wanted to share his two pennies regarding the new found beef.