Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

Guess whose back in the motherf@##ing house, with another Hip Hop Report for your motherf@#%$ mouth. has release the report fresh off the press, and I nearly burned my hands getting it for you ungrateful bastards.

Diversity in any field or art helps improve and grow it, as long as what the person is contributing is sincere. One thing about Asher is that he fell in love with Hip Hop when he heard Jay-Z's Hard Knock Life and he states that he is first a fan of Hip Hop before being an artist.

Listen to the freshman in his own words, and Hip Hop welcomes you with open arms. By the way his album drops today (I’m not getting paid for saying it). Do you think his record sales will crush Jadakiss in his first week?

Note: For the people in the know, yes I am aware that it is 420.


Here is the audition tape from the young lady that presented the sales numbers for Jadakiss album. Based on the tape is she the right person to present Hip Hop news?


This mixtape is off the chain, it uses clips from the Boondocks and mixes it with relevant hip hop  artist. Straight Fire. Pour this lyrical drink and enjoy.


I believe that this song goes great with the current Summit of Americas. Immortal Technique does a great job of breaking down the philosophy of poverty through song. Grab your nearest cup of java or alcoholic beverage and sit back and learn something new, don’t judge just listen.


It looks like people are waking up and are not buying ring tone rapper's albums. To date for 2009 Jadakiss had the highest first week of any rapper. I wonder if Rick Ross or 50 cent will crush those numbers.


In Lupe Fiasco’s Switch, he displays his lyrical word play to be able to jump between multiple personalities that deal with bravado, sub-conscience word manipulation, self-conscience rap, materiality, and reality. He does this all within a 3 minute song and jumps back and forth between the personalities and changes the flow of his rap style from fast to slow. Who said Hip-Hop is dead, enjoy.


How much do you know about the importance of a woman's worth? Will there is an conscience hip hop group that breaks down of the importance of women throughout history. For you sexy women out there who have their own, this one is for you. Cheers!!!


I met Michael Eric Dyson many times when he taught at DePaul University in Chicago. He is one of the few intellectuals that does not shy away from the importance of Hip Hop and try to downgrade it. I applaud him for taking on the mass media's critic of Hip Hop. The Today's Show host tries to corner Michael Eric Dyson and Dyson just gives the host an intellectual right hook.

In this interview is an great example of critical thinking at its finest. If you like the discourse within the video, then you should pick up his book, the Soul of Hip Hop.

Note: I am not getting paid for mentioning his book, but it should be a good read. If you had not picked up a book in the last two weeks, then I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy used somewhere.


As I was holding dialog across this ocean we call the internet, someone had a question regarding Tupac's song Blasphemy. The question that was posed to me was, "What's [Tupac] meant when he said Niggaz in Jerusalem waiting for signs??" 

Good question, let me break it down for you. He is stating that instead of people taking action in their own hands, they are waiting for God to send them messages. Tupac is taking a stance that can be found in Cornel West's book, "Prophesy Deliverance: An Afro-American Revolutionary Christianity" Please comment if there are any other questions that you would like to have addressed.

I should charge by the hour for this, someone pass me a drink and go check out the video for yourself.