Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual


I am providing you with your fresh cup of 'wake the hell up' coffee. Tell me how you like it, ah I am going to serve yours jet black. That reminds me, to share something with you. I came across a collage of cartoons that depicted the cartoonist views of people of African decent. Do you think that these cartoons affected the minds of the children that watched them? Those children right now are probably in their 40's or older and they might just be your boss or you. Just food for thought.


I have no issue with music being entertaining and it should be. However when we are just limiting our brain growth to non-stimulating music, movies, and games we will become limited thinkers. In order to sharpen your critical reasoning skills you must read books to obtain these various ideas. Once you gain theses ideas it will help you form new and greater ideas to add to the discussion. In short, "Read A Book".