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Diversity in any field or art helps improve and grow it, as long as what the person is contributing is sincere. One thing about Asher is that he fell in love with Hip Hop when he heard Jay-Z's Hard Knock Life and he states that he is first a fan of Hip Hop before being an artist.

Listen to the freshman in his own words, and Hip Hop welcomes you with open arms. By the way his album drops today (I’m not getting paid for saying it). Do you think his record sales will crush Jadakiss in his first week?

Note: For the people in the know, yes I am aware that it is 420.



Bobby DuBois
04/21/2009 02:56

i'll have to check out his album. Some of those songs sounded quite good. He can't touch the Bawse though.

The Kid
04/22/2009 13:31

This may seem disorganized and maybe ill conceived but it is a stream of consciousness that just came out:

This is a serious question. Is it racist that I am just not in to the sound and flow of white MC's?

I'm serious. Is this some sort of internalized racism, some fetishization of African Americans that somehow takes the authenticity or "cool" out of hip-hop when the MC's are white? When I listen to hip-hop am I somehow participating in some modern day, mainstream, widely acceptable version of tossing pennies to black kids skiffling on street corners in early 20th century; Expecting a, "thank yuh sir, can I do another dance for ya?"(Trying to Channel Dave Chappelles impression of a skiffling Uncle Tom).

Perhaps it is that these white rappers try too hard to not come across as what some unfortunate minds would deem a "wigger", and this is what takes the authenticity out of these MC's.

How do attitudes about race play out for the MC's themselves? Is it impossible to seem "authentic" as a white man in a black man's game? Is it coincidence that Asher's big debut to the mainstream is a song about college and beer pong, two activities that seem pretty darn white when juxtaposed with mainstream hip-hop culture? IS he trying to play up his "whiteness" in an effort to disassociate himself from the "wigger" image in an effort to NOT seem racist or inauthentic?

A repsonse would be appreciated...after all this is the blog for Hip-Hop intellectuals...


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