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I am hitting you with a holiday season Hip Hop Report fresh from the folks at so since you have been nice and not naughty I have decided to give you this as your Christmas present. Yeah I know I am a couple of days late, but hell I was chilling in the Virgin Islands getting my drink and ocean side relaxing on. Don't hate, congratulate!
This is for all of your love ones who are not here with you to share Christmas. I will let Tupac put the sprite of Christmas in perspective. While you fill your bellies with food keep in mind those that do not have during the holiday season. The main lesson that you should learn from Tupac's discussion is that we need to learn to pass on a Legacy to our children. We have to build our own empire since it is not being passed down by our fathers. Have a Happy Holiday from!
The Mass Media is not covering the prison strike across 6 prisons in Georgia. I am sharing this with you so that you can be aware of the modern day slavery that is occurring in our prison system.
The folks at Rap News dropped a fresh video about current events surrounding Wiki Leaks. Open your eyes and support Wiki Leaks, no government should hide information from their citizens.
I know you guys are cold as hell, here is another hot Hip Hop Report from to warm your ass up. What has been up with me?? Well I am going to jump on a plane and head to the Virgin Islands and trade this Snow for some Sand.
Just came across this Snoop song called Wet and I have to say the production is crazy good. Based on this song all I know is that I have to raincoat around women cause they get wet. Anyway let me bop this bottle and pour me a glass of only the best budget beer that I can get my hands on. Yeah I know, when will budget beer come in cans instead of bottles.