Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

We are one day a way from the New Year and I want us to reflect on the events that occurred in 2009. My boy Skillz does an excellent job of summarizing the events of 2009. Don't take my word for it, hit the damn play button below, while I pop this champagne bottle. Yes tricks, I am back in the game.
I came across this Nike commercial which I thought did a great job of blending Hip Hop and the Christmas spirit. We here at would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday, please enjoy the video.
African Americans have to take their own destines into their own hands and not walk through life like a mindless zombie. You have to learn to think and act for yourself. Malcolm X was right that we need to focus more on critical thinking before we take action. Listen to Nas break it all down in his song "Black Zombie".
Oh snap, Star from Star and Buck Wild goes in hard on why 50 Cent should not sign Beanie. Just sit down and get your popcorn because this is very entertaining from I already got my pop corn already.
I know they say that you should not kick a man when he is down, but hey let me get my kicks in too. LMAO. Listen to this slow jam that Tiger released, I am going to bump this in my car.
Aw man you got to check this out, it will have you rolling on the floor. Hey Hey Hey.
This is credited to Affion Crockett, for taking on the role of Tiger and recreating two new Tiger tapes for the world to listen to. This is on point, just enjoy and laugh.
This is a clip from the group Auto Tune the News. This is great update on the news given to you in a auto tune dose.
Another fresh copy of the Hip Hop Report from JumpOfftv and yeah they talked about Tiger's cheating ass.