Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

Happy belated Thanksgiving you turkeys, I got the stuffing for you. Anyway I got this copy of the Hip Hop Report that I would like to break you off on from the folks at
Another issue of the Hip Hop Report from
The professor Dr. Clifton East has some advice for President Obama and compares the current political environment to the Harry Potter movie.
Here is a couple of videos about Rhymefest on why he is running for Aldermen for the 20th Ward.
The event is for a good cause, lets see Hip Hop change Chicago!!
I am feeling a little silly today, so I want to start your weekend with a real silly song by Raydio G.
Another fresh of the press Hip Hop Report from the folks at, please read so that you can converse with a hip hop head.
The guys and girl at Auto Tune the News have done it again with another smash hit, "The Rent Is Too Damn High". Click the video below to receive a karate chop to your ear drums.
Well November 2nd has pasted and the election results are in. I think that President Obama has to start talking directly to his base and stop pussy footing around with the Republicans. Trying to hold the Republicans' hand in the deep end of the pool will only end up with you drowning in the end. I think you should listen to Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and stand your ground. Let's here Dr. Dyson's analysis on the mid-term election results.