Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

Fresh out the oven another blazing hot loaf of Hip Hop Report by to feed your hip hop hunger. Eat it all and do not leave a crumb.
Aw man, what a crazy year that I have been through and I have been through a lot. Thanks for all the people that stood by a brother, and we will celebrate since things are better now and we will have some Crazy Nights in January. Please celebrate with me and pop the video to understand the vibe that I am feeling.
Rhymefest has always brought the heat and has not got the shine that he deserves. I wanted to share his song Letter that was not included on his new album El-Che. It is funny how Wale got this track on his album with the same name and beat, I guess that is the way it is as Tupac would say. Check the song out, I think that Fest always pour his heart into his songs. At the end of the day who do you think did a better job bringing the beat to its full potential?
Sarah Palin's supporters are a laugh and a half and they have no real clue why they are supporting her. Pop the video for the evidence at hand. P.S. it appears that Fox News helps spread this type of ignorance across the United States. God Bless America!!
I want to bring a little joy to your life, here is one of my favorite videos from the Muppets. Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.
Psst... I am talking to you. I have that knowledge fresh out the pot with baking powder, you don't have to pay me anything. The first hit of knowledge is free, but you will have to pay when you want to come back for more. Enjoy your knowledge hit.
Had to dropped a video from my boy Ill Doctrine who wanted to share his two pennies regarding the new found beef.
Guess whose back in the motherf@##ing house, with another Hip Hop Report for your motherf@#%$ mouth. has release the report fresh off the press, and I nearly burned my hands getting it for you ungrateful bastards.
Oh snap it was off the chain, Foxx Hole Radio was in Chicago on 11/20/09 at the Joynt, which is located down town Chicago. If you want to listen to the show that recorded, I have posted the link for your listening pleasure. If you love the show I would suggest that your subscribe to XM or Sirius Radio.
Hitting you in the head with another fresh off the press copy of the Hip Hop Report by Get your 5 min dose of hip hop in a manageable serving. Watch the video while I get take a few business calls.