Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

Bringing you the long awaited Hip Hop Report from Jump Off Tv. Just a refresher course on what is hot on the streets. Open those damn peepers and get back up on game. And for all of my viewers please have a safe Halloween.
There are many people who will try to get you to believe in what they believe and their argument is sometimes illogical. All I am asking of my readers is to think about the world then use logical reasoning to understand it. If you think for yourself then other people will not be able to use you. Please watch the video with a open mind, I am going to pour myself a tall ale of reasoning. Try to sip slow.
Camp Lo as always been a classic hip hop group that does not get it props. But check out this line:

"I rather deal with a older woman because she will think with her head, instead of thinking with her mouth... Like your mama.

This nigga crazy for real. Check out the video to understand this line. To all of my people out there have a great weekend and keep searching for the answers in your life. I will be back again, but be sure to check out my boy Amir Noir on Twitter.
I think there is a lot of knowledge that we can learn if we take the time to talk to our elders and try to understand their experiences so that our journey through life can be a little more easier. Please turn your attention to Mr. Dick Gregory and fill our knowledge pitcher.
A majority (if not all) of the right wing tea-baggers oppose President Barack Obama not because of the issues but for other reasons that is plain to anyone with a working brain. Listen to these folks as they can not state the real reason why they oppose President Barack Obama's policies.
I know that the economy is really hitting  a lot of people out there, and everyone needs help trying to land a new job. Well watch the following video and take notes, you might just learn something.
This economy will have you on a emotional roller coaster ride of being mad to sad, and hopefully happy. There is much wisdom that can be found within an episode of Sesame Street. " I am the man, but watch the suit"