Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

On this track Jay-Z some people are claiming that Jay is firing back at Lil Wayne for the diss track that Wayne did:

"Y’all niggas need a timeout, who got these niggas all wind up/Cocksucka I’m 7.30, y’all know where you’ll niggas gon wind up/No more Mr Nice Guy, hello Mr Nice Watch/Only but a matter of time ‘fore I hit ya’ll niggas with a nice shot/Y’all niggas, better not call the law/Get no blood on my Audemar/Meaning ya’ll better not waste my time/When y’all ready I’ll take you all to war."

This music video is directed by Jeremie Rozan from Surface Air. I love this video because it is an analogy of the fighting that young black man must go through in life against those in control and even his own brothers who will stand in his way. However at the end of the day sometimes it is that young black man who is his own worse enemy.
I am dropping an Epic Hip Hop Battle between Mr. T and Mr. Rogers. After you watch the video, who did you think won??
With the recent comments from comedian Katt Williams ranting about his patriotism at the expense of ignoring the historical context of the United States against the Mexican nation shows the depth in which we become brain washed. The Black Agenda Report does a great job of summarizing this point in the video below.