Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

I am aware that we are in a recession and some of you guys may have to move into the hood or now you can't more out of the hood. And I wanted to do my part by giving you some cooking tips on how to cook on a budget. Check out the video for a recipe called "Big Boy" and if you are interested leave a comment and I will give you the recipe for "Project Punch."
No matter how much people state that the United States is post racial because they have a black president, I have to laugh because the problem of racism still exist. And the President of the United States is even afraid to talk about racism and will not utter a word against the racism that is being played against him. What would brother Malcolm say if he was alive?? Let's ask him:
The sequel of the Dark Crystal has been in development for years now... I wonder how they will try to market it to today's kids?? Check out the video on how they will do it:
Here is Noam Chomsky trying to educate the masses on Health Care Reform. Open those things called eyes and ears and have your brain cells start tingling. Cheers!
I want to show you a media experiment and my hypothesis is that the media can be used to change your mood or behavior. If this experiment proves correct then imagine how the media is being used to control your behavior towards the Iraq War, Health Care, and Civil and Human Rights. I want you to watch a scene from the movie, "Seven" which is a thriller/drama. Watch the clip first before you continue reading any further.

Now If you laughed or smiled during the process of watching this clip, then you can easily see how the media can change your behavior regarding any subject that is being projected. Folks, I just showed you a little of the game that is being ran on the nation.
Hello folks, I am alive and well and I know that you have been coming to the site checking it out for updates. Well I am back from some of my travels and business meetings, and I am sick of people in the media lying about the Public Option. I have a video that breaks down what the Public Option is:
Now we all know that African-Americans do not control the flow of drugs that enter the United States, but why does the War On Drugs appears to only get African Americans who are mostly just the foot soldiers who are so far removed from the cartels that control the drug flow into this country? If you want to stop a leak you don't try to catch each drop of water, you try to seal the source of the leak and not the droplets.

Kids gather around while I share a video with you that may help open your eyes and help you see the game that is being ran on this nation.
I am about to pop -  all through the night, check the video to understand what I am saying. Enjoy your full bottle of silliness and have a great weekend.
I think that there is a child within all of our hearts and if we learn to sit back and see the world with a pure heart the better our lives will be. I want you to see the world as Michael was trying to see it for. Life is so enjoyable if we take joy in the smallest of things. This video is for you MJ. This video was created by the musical group Pogo.
Some of us make the claim that we are living in a post racial era, so does the words of Marcus Garvey still ring true?? If the words of Marcus Garvey ring true, then are we not living in a post racial era?? To get the answer to these questions you must listen to the great Marcus Garvey. Please enjoy this tall pitcher of knowledge, try not to get to tipsy.