Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

You know I like to give the truth to you straight raw without a condom, which can be very dangerous. I have a very philosophical question for the Hip Hop Game: Do you steal the dignity of your people for a dollar? The answer for some might be yes, because "for that bread and butter they leave niggas in the gutter." I came across this female rapper, Aisha Sekhmet, that may my question in another light, "Are you the white man's bitch?". Those are her words and she put her words to a beat. Please pop the video below or she might roll up on you and straight smack your ass.
It is Friday so you know what time it is. I have to bring you into my world and show you how I celebrate on a Friday night. I'm back ladies and if we meet one on one I will have you speaking in tongues. Take a seat, let me pour you some of that good good, dim the lights and hit you up with this: (pop the video)
If Muhammad Ali can stand up against the Vietnam War, then I can stand up against the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. What the United States is in-gauging in is War Crimes simple and plain. Please view the video by a solider who became a whistle blower against the United States Army. If another country did what the United States did in Afghanistan and Iraq, we would intervene and stop that country. But what do we do when we act like the bad guys?? Answer: Nothing. Watch the footage that was released by WikiLeaks.
Here is an interesting video, Consoul (Lasse Gjertsen 2009), that I found explaining the two ways that people live their lives: Conservatively or Too the Extreme. Which pill did you take the red or the blue one?
I know that a lot of you guys are bumping rappers who are idealizing drug dealers and street frame. What drug dealers do you know that are retired and living well? The answer is none. If you are listening to the music for entertainment, then that is fine. If you are listening to the music with hopes are entering the drug game or to get confirmation of your drug dealing then just stop right now. How about you listen to Lupe put you on game on some real black leaders. With no further ado, Lupe take it away.
Welcome back friend, it is time once again that I feed you some truth in a fashion that is easy for you to swallow. Some of you have heard of Wikileaks and the Senate proposing a Kill-switch on the internet. If they are allowed to put in place a kill-switch then they may focus on killing websites like Wikileaks and others that help spread another perspective that the mass media will not share with the general population. Pop the video from Rap News below and I hope that you give it some serious thought. Naw, you are probably going to look at some porn next and not pay attention to the world events that are unfolding in front of you.
This is an interview of a young brother who is using comedy to touch on the issues of racism and trying to have all everyone have a open discussion on the issue. Check out the interview that was hosted by the Young Turk.
In Lincoln Park Projects it appears that anything that moves is getting rapped according to Antoine Dodson. Let the boys from AutoTuneTheNews put on the beat and get you signing, "Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Husband, because they are raping everyone out here."