Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

I am hitting you upside your head with another Hip Hop Report from the folks at JumpOff.Tv. Ladies I got that creme that you need and you don't have to go get Pharrell's drink to enjoy it.
"Conspiracy Theory Rock" by Robert Smigel was shown on "Saturday Night Live" during the March 14, 1998 broadcast but edited out of reruns. Why do you think that they would edit this out of reruns? Use your brain!!
Welcome back you little nerds!!! (Grrrr) Check out another Hip Hop Report from the folks at This message is for Nicki Minaj, if you man is hitting you all in your face, then you need to step to a man who will kiss you all in your face. I'm just saying girl.
This is one of the hottest songs by Rick Ross, Thrilla!!!!!! Listen to the secret on how Rick Ross makes hip hop hits.
Once again my job is to show you the game that is being played on this nation. The Republicans from Regan to both Bushes ran up the national debt, however their own party (Republicans) do not want to raise the debt ceiling in order for their debt to be paid. Watch the video below from Thom Hartman as he explains the debt ceiling problem and shows how the Republican party is the root of the problem. With this knowledge you should be able to explain to your right wing buddies how their party is sending the middle and working class to hell.
DeStorm uses virtual instruments to help us see the music that he is playing. This is a treat for your relaxing Saturday. Enjoy!
Thanks for stopping by, please wipe your feet before you come into the door. Today I have some wise words from Dick Gregory for black youth. We have to un-do the mental chains that still lock our mind for seeing the world for what it is. If you do not know who Dick Gregory is, you are in for a treat. Here is one question that he raises in the video, "With the thousand black cops working in the nation, you never hear in the news a black cop shooting a young white male in the back of the head." Makes you think, doesn't it?