Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

It is Friday, I beat my speeding ticket and I am in a really good mood. To see how good I am feeling rip open the video and share some of my energy. Enjoy yourself, baby.
It is Friday and I wanted to show you how Shirley Sherrod defended herself against Elisabeth Hasselback's silly claims. Pop the video.
What if McCain had of won the election and African Americans stormed the streets with guns and prayed for the President to fail. The Army and other federal agencies would have shut them down before a movement could have taken off. Lets put so music to these words and see how it sounds. Pop the video to expand your mind.
Have you ever wanted to know the real deal with Everest College?? I think that it is time that you heard about the school from a person with a hood point of view. Any time you talk to a hood guy about college he wants to know if they have any good looking girls. Lets see if that is the case with this guy.
This is a new music video off of Rhymefest's El Che album that I would like to share with you. If anyone has been to the hood there are two things that you are sure to find, which are liquor stores and corner churches. Both sell a way of escaping the harsh reality of life in the hood. In stead of looking for a pie in the sky, people should be working on changing the reality in which they live. Pop the video and let Rhymefest school you a little on the game that is being ran in some of the churches that are praying on the hopes of individuals.
Brothers and sisters of all hues you have to have a vision of greatness, and not settle for mediocrity. Wake up and see your vision of greatness, let me have Dr. West explain it to you. Use your 3rd ear and watch with your 3rd eye as the words and image of Dr. West guides you. Click the video below.