Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

Another mouth watering Hip Hop Report from Jump Off, so get your plates because dinner is about to be served. Pop some bottles for me this weekend.
It is funny how the media will try to distort your heroes and make them the bad guy, but Michael Jackson understood why the media attacked him so fiercely. Let's hear from the legend himself, Michael Jackson, on the issue of racism.

By the way, you are welcome.
Based on statistics alone there has to be one homosexual hip hop artist that has not gone public about their sexuality. However, what is America's love affair with an individual's sexuality?? I think that the American public just loves to be in everyone's pants. Would a openly gay Hip Hop artist survive in the World of Hip Hop, sadly the answer is no. Hip Hop is so uber masculine that a gay artist would not be marketable, so it makes absolute sense why a gay artist in Hip Hop would remain in the closet.

Now that I have gotten your attention, grab your glass and I will grab mine and pour you some of the mad rants from Star. Pop the video the same way that you pop champagne.
This is what it is like working in an office where you are the only minority. Every person wants to hear you freestyle and it goes a little something like this...

Here is my police story:

I am in a new model car driving down on the express way at 11pm  and I see a car riding side by side with me for 5 miles. I look over and see a white officer looking and he sees my face (which is a black one). He slams on his brakes and pulls his squad car right behind mine. He stayed behind for about 8 minutes and I assumed that he ran my plates and found nothing. He then moved his squad car from behind me to the left lane and sped off.

You got to love being black in America. Let me have Paul Mooney speak on it. Pop the video below. 


I wanted to share a poem by Common dealing with the Government's abuse of powers, hopefully this poem will encourage you to understand the your local and state government structure and cause you to get involved to invoke change. If not, the poem is just a gentle breeze that will flicker the wings of a butterfly that will draw the attend of a young person and imprint an image that will motivate them to some cause. Yes I am slowly going mad.


There are two things that I try not to discuss with associates at work and that is Religion and Politics. However if any of your colleagues ask you to speak on the subject just follow Mr. Melvin Van Peebles lead. If you do your colleagues will stop asking you to speak on the subject.


There is one rapper who is standing up for the little guy in Chicago and that gentleman is Rhymefest who was protesting at Chicago City Hall to pass a measure that would allow Wal-Mart to build a store in the economically depressed South Side of Chicago. I will let Mr. Rhymefest explain: (Pop the video)


I know the economy is rough on a lot of people right now, but I wanted to deliver the Hip Hop Report from Jump Off TV on your front step. I hope that your weekend is all smiles!!


Now let us not fall for the Health Care Reform Scare game that is being bombarded on us by the moderates and the far right whose pockets are loaded from corporate lobbyists. Here is a simple question that any sound business mind would ask: If the American Health Care system was the best in the world, how come other leading nations are not following suit? The Answer: The American Health Care system is not the best. Use your little brain and see the Game that is being ran On A Nation.

I am tired of talking, just pop the video and get schooled by someone on Capital Hill that understands my point.