Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual


With so much going on in this world and the economy is in turmoil  I have to say that I refuse to lose and give up. This video is a shot of liquid courage to all of my people (that's you) who are out there trying to make things happen. Dead Prez please tell them how it is done. Check the video for your share of liquid courage. I will just take the bottle.


If even one in the rap game is selling drugs, then who is buying? If even one in the rap game is killing, then who is dying? Its simple, these fools are lying. Do not believe everything that you hear. Let my boys from the Virgin Islands tell you, and by the way their name is Rock City.


Here is another dose of the Hip Hop report with a tribute of Michael Jackson. You will be missed forever MJ and I thank you from my heart. You are a bookmark in my life.


I have some sad news to share with you. Once of the greatest icons who put in place the framework for Hip Hop has passed away. My eyes are tearing up because there are so many points in my life that his music has been a sound track for my life. Right now there is only one song that will do justice for Michael and I can hear him telling the angels that "Heaven Can Wait".


Hey people, glad you stopped by again to check out the site. I want to share with you a song that sums up what it feels to be a black man in this world even if you have money. You are basically treated like Mr. Nigga. For those of my guests who are of African decent how many times have you been in a store and someone would ask you if you work there? Maybe cause they see you as Mr. Nigga. Just check out the video for your daily shot of a reality check, I get mine everything I walk out the door.


Should we embrace the new school of hip hop and disregard the old school? Do we need to build an understanding of Hip Hop past before we move forward? Well these two knuckle heads (Star and Buck Wild) disregard all respect for the "old head" and go hard at them. Pop the video for the evidence.


You might have missed this in the news, since it was not covered widely in the media. I wanted to share this video of the Senate apologizing for slavery and segregation. It is a step in the right direction.


Another dose of the Hip Hop Report to keep you in the loop.


In the prior post, I just hit you with a song related to Fried Chicken that some may call a parody on Hip Hop or just plain silly. But what happens when a rap legend like Nas takes the subject of Fried Chicken to heart. Now I pose the question again, is it all about the beat or are you listening to the lyrics as well?

Enjoy the double shot that I placed in front of you, I already had half of the bottle.


Are people just caught up with the beat of a rap song, that they don't listen to what they are actually shaking their tail feather too?? Here is a song from Mz Peaches called "Fry That Chicken". Let me know if it goes down smooth, my drink kind of burns on the way down.