Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

The guys from Auto Tune the News have done it again and have brought us another fantasy musical jam with a sprinkle of news so that the intellectuals have something to do as well. They guys are the best, but don't take my word for it.
This is why I think black people should not even deal with Bill O'Reilly and come onto his show to exchange ideas. Bill insults the professor by saying that he looks like a cocaine dealer, Dr. Marc Lamont retorts by stating that Bill O'Reilly looks like a cocaine user. Peep the video below to see this nonsense for yourself.
I have to give a shout out to the late B.I.G. and the foot print that he has left on the game. For all of you guys that lost your job in this crazy economy I think that Biggie would say that the sky is the limit. I know that it may be hard to have that type of outlook in the position that you are in, but do not give up the faith. You got GameOnaNation cheering for you always. Pop the video below and let all of us forget about our troubles, this one is for you big baby.
I would like to use the life of Sean Combs as inspiration for all of us to make the most out of life and do not stay down when life knocks you down. Look at the life of Mr. Combs:

1. Lost his father to street violence at a young age.
2.  As a Party Promoter, threw a over crowed event in which 9 people died.
3.  Dropped out of college from Howard University
4. Got Fired from Uptown as the youngest (19 years old) VP of A&R
5. Lost his largest selling artist on the BadBoy Label, Biggie, to gun violence
6. His second most successful artist, Mase, leaves BadBoy for God
7. Faces a gun charge for a shooting in a New York nightclub and loses another artist, Shine, to a prison term of 10 years.
8. Jennifer Lopez ends off her relationship with Mr. Combs because of the nightclub shooting.

You have to respect Mr. Combs because a lot of you out there would have used bullet point one as a reason why you have done nothing with your life. I think we all need to adopt the "Don't Stop, Can't Stop" attitude of Mr. Combs and then the sky will be the limit.
Here is my boy Ed Bassmaster at a local store with swollen nuts asking strangers for directions on how to get to the mall. Look at how he tries to press his private parts against the men. This video had me in tears. Here is a tall glass of giggles for you.
This are some simple lessons of life that I have learned so far in my journey to create my purpose in this world before I depart. This are just some concise points on a book that I am in the process of writing so here we go.

Lessons of Life:

- Do your best and also plan for the worse
- Nothing that is worth it is easy
- Do not be afraid to take risks that will help you reach your dreams
- Take control over all that you can do
- Always have faith ( either in yourself or your higher power)
- You have to be 10 steps ahead of the rest
- Do it for yourself, then others will follow suit
- Follow the leader, then make your own path
- People will try to break you
- Turn Coal into Diamond
- Use your mind
- Never stop or quit
This is the song that I will be bumping all day this weekend as I am driving to the club. What do we all want?? Well pop the video below to find out.
I thought that this clip from SuperNews really hits it on the head when we talk about the issue of immigration. Click on the video below and learn something you little knuckle head, I know you love it when I drop your self-esteem.
This song gives me so much energy to keep moving forward and to proof the nay sayers wrong. Like Lupe says, "I get my energy, from my inner G." Pop the video below for a shot of this energy that I am talking about.
I think that is new single off of Eminem's new album Recovery is motivation that we all need in our lives to take that step that we are afraid to do. Get that new job, start that new career, speak to that girl or guy that you have been afraid to speak to. Speak out against in-justice when you see it in your face. I am going to do what I told you that I am going to do, because I am not afraid.