Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual


There are many groups across the world that look towards the African American culture for a sense of style or dare we say "swag." However at the same time there is a distance that these groups want to maintain from African Americans as well because of how they define the African American culture. Paul Mooney said it best, "Everybody wants to be a nigger but no ones wants to be a nigger." The video below is from the comedy movie "Totally Awesome", and does a good job of summarizing this point.


Here is another edition of the Hip Hop Report from, and peel back the cap on the video and get a flavor of what is going on the streets. By the way Eminem's album  made a killing on the charts.


I came across an excellent short from the National Film Board of Canada and this short has a lot to do with self sacrifice to benefit others. The only way for us to progress is through self sacrifice. What would you have done in his/her place?

I will have a drink and you will take a wink at the video below. Please enjoy and watch with your ears and eyes.


Most of you guys only know Tommy Davidson in his comedic roles, but this is an individual who has read up on his cultural roots. Watch the jewels that he drops regarding Christopher Columbus and the Moors. The things that Tommy Davidson is saying are very true.

I was part of a Jewish Committee at DePaul University, where it was acknowledged that Christopher Columbus was Jewish and responsible for establishing the North American slave trade.The scholars there stated that this is not something that we really want to share with the world because it would link Jews with the establishment of slavery. It was also shared that many Jewish people coded their last names with colors and flowers to hide their Jewish ancestry. At the end of the day if you read more you will be able to connect a lot dots within the world. 


I would like to introduce you to the artist, Curtains, who is analyzing "Black Folks" in a rap song and he does it quite well. This is the lyrical black coffee that your mind needs to help wake you up a little. Open up the video and enjoy, while I get something to drink to whet my whistle. Curtains helps you see the game that is being played on the nation.


I highly recommend that you pick up the album by Dr. Cornel West, Never Forget: A journey of Revelations. Here is a little taste of what you can expect. Get back at your boy, pop the vid and enjoy.


Here is another edition of the Hip Hop report to help keep you up to date with what is going on.


This is one independent who is well aware of the facts and does not back down from Fox News. Watch how he puts Fox News in their place.


Some of you may tremble when I say the name of Malcolm X, what images come to mind? Is it the image of anger, hate, or a rebel without a cause? If that is the image that comes to mind then COINTELPRO has and still is able to shape an individual's image to this day, and you have not taken it upon yourself to truly understand this "shining prince". I admire Malcolm X so greatly because he became an outstanding debater, not by going to the halls of Harvard or any other college, but by his own self will to improve upon himself by reading and seeking out knowledge for himself. This outstanding mind and courageous voice came into being in a very difficult time for African Americans. Do not allow the mass media to write out a true patriot of the United States, please pick up his autobiography and get to understand this great individual for yourself.

Attached is a video that illustrates Malcolm X's dexterity in debating. They try to back him in a corner and he verbally knocks their brains out.  May some of you have an ounce of a back bone as this great man.

Note: Keep in mind this is during a time period when most African Americans would keep their eyes to the ground when crossing white Americans in public. 


With everything being pretty bad, it could be a lot worse and everyone of us should be grateful for what we have. Let me pop the cork, while you check out the video.