Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

If you want to know the current events that are happening in the Hip Hop world, then check out the Hip Hop Report from the folks at JumpOff.Tv. And it seems like its new worthy if Jay-Z has a boner.
This old lady had a crazy dream about fruits and you just have to see where this goes.
Schmoyoho, these brothers have done it again with their hit new song "Winning". Let me gave you a taste of this craziness. Since I got a Tiger Mom, then I have Tiger Blood so I guess that I am Winning!!
If Donkey Kong video games were like this, I would buy the whole series. Check out the Donkey Kong game with plenty of street creed.
I think Tupac saw the game that was being ran on this nation a long time ago. With his song panther power he makes it seem so clear.
I am glad that you stopped by the site. Now grab a glass and take a sit and let's take about what is real. Before you say anything to me, I want to let you know what you are drinking is 40 proof glass of knowledge. When you drink a glass of knowledge it makes you think. Why are the CEOs not affected by the financial melt down, while folks in your neighborhood are losing their jobs and homes. Maybe if Dr. West pours you a glait will go down a little easier for you. Cheers!!