Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

My boy Ill Doctrine examines the bull shit excuse that T-Pain tries to give after being used as a tool by the far right. I will let Ill Doc speak for himself, pop the video to hear his take on the T-Pain ignorance on politics. Remember you can spot the game in every day life, and I am just trying to show you the game that is being ran on this nation. In this case the game on T-Pain.
Listen to the game that the FBI tries to run on Malcolm X. Now keep in mind this occurs when Malcolm X was silenced by the Nation of Islam and was suspended. The whole of America hated Malcolm X, and those that "loved" him were scared to speak up for him in public. (And some of you guys are still afraid to speak up for him in 2010) Malcolm X stands alone against the FBI at his weakness moment in time, but listen how strong he remains in his dialogue with those FBI agents. Malcolm X was such a genius that he saw through the FBI's divide and conquer technique that they tried to use on him. I highly suggest that you read his autobiography if you have not done so already, and also check out the Bookshelf section of this website for other suggestive readings. I am just trying to help you see the game that is being ran on this Nation. Game On a Nation
It is with a heavy heart that I report that Guru, real name Keith Elam, lost his battle with cancer today. I salute you sir, "Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is, I get more props and stunts than Bruce Willis." Let's lay back and reminisce, here is a video to bring you back to the day and celebrate his life.
What a damn shame that T-Pain as a black man allows Sean Hannity to use him as a tool to push the far-right agenda. How dare T-Pain state a Republican victory for 2012 when we have a historic President in office, and he said that crap with a straight face. I got a strong feeling that Jay-Z was right, it is the Death of the Autotune. Rip in peace T-Pain's career the street no longer has your back. Even though a majority of your sales come from the white population, they look towards to the black community to see which hip hop artist is hot or not. T-Pain I have a strong feeling that you are no longer hot in the black community, the streets are watching you. Pop the video for the buffoonery that ensues.
Now for some Americans who woke up and realized that their President was Black and the head of the Republican party was also Black was a call for them to shout that the Apocalypse is among us. Now that Micheal Steele has felt the daggers of his fellow party members dig deep into his back he wants to recognize his blackness as a issue. I really hope the Republicans eat him alive. You don't play with snakes and expect not to get bitten. Any way I will let my friend Professor East take it the mic now. (Pop the video below)
I have to stand up for local artist who have their artwork bitten from Hollywood cats. Local  Chicago artist, Phoenix Phenom had a song called Boom Dynamite before the Black Eye Peas had Boom Boom Pow out. Listen for your self.
This thought provoking poem needs to be shared across the internet. This is a poem about the history of the United States. Pop the video below and learn something you little knuckle head.