Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

Simply put Chris Brown needs to stop crying and man up and address the tough interview questions. Check out the video that addresses Chris Brown's poor behavior.
The GOP is trying to keep the Poor in line and stop working class people from striking. Peep the game that is being ran on this nation, Game On a Nation.
Any time that I need motivation to keep pushing forward and not let anyone stop my grind I put this track on. This song is also a great example how when you pair yourself with the right people they will help elevate your game as well. Shaq is a okay rapper but with this track with Biggie he sounds great, and Biggie of course is legendary on this track. If this is the first time that you ever heard this track you are in for a treat.
Another hot Hip Hop Report from the folks at JumpOff.Tv.
Now we know the United States only becomes involved in African affairs when they can take something away from the deal. The United States is not trying to do some humanitarian deed, it is trying to put it stamp on the Libyan government through force. But what would happen if other foreign countries put their stamp on the increasing American un-satisfaction? I will let Minster Farrakhan explain it to you. Wait, if you could have watch the previous video then you should have an open mind to watch this one as well.

"Deeper than the mind of Farrakhan, I'm a rap phenomenon." - Biggie Smalls 
Here is the Hip Hop Report, open it up to get the fresh news in the Hip Hop world from the folks at Jumpoff.Tv. Also I have some sad news, Nate Dogg passed away on March 15. He had the most magical way of singing hooks.
With the revolutions happening all around the world what would the United States do if the people revolted as well? You just have to look at the the state of Wisconsin to see the protesting taking place there, but it is funny how the major news organizations are not covering it. Pop the video below to get schooled.
Lupe's album just dropped this last Tuesday and I have to say there is one stand out song on there that will get everyone talking about the affects of Slavery and Racism on African American culture. But let's sit in our chairs and think about what would our reality be if the Slave Trade did not occur at all and African-American had a stronger understanding of self. Close your eyes and hit play while Lupe paints a perfect picture for you.
The title says it all. Why are guys in the business doing this nonsense?
This video summaries how I am feeling right now, please step into my mind. You will never be the same again and wipe your damn feet before you step in.