Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

If you are against or for the Health Care Reform I think that it is very important that you want the video that is associated with this post because it will help open your eyes regarding the bill that was recently passed today.
My boy Dave Chappelle uses logic to debunk the book The Secret. When you use logic no one on this planet can hustle you.
Does lyrics bring in the mighty dollar in the rap game?? Pop the video for the answer.
Welcome back, please take a seat and it is great to see you once again. I have something that I would like for you to see. Today's lesson has to do with leadership. Wait, where are you going sit back down, that is why you know nothing. Good, now listen to me. We have all been told that we need to be leaders, but that is pure bullshit. We need people who take a stand and if you don't take a stand then you can never be a leader.

The video below is a great analogy about leadership and it is more about the initial followers who side with the leader who stands alone. The video is a must watch.