Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

Are 50 Cent and Dr. Dre beefing over headphones. Sounds like these two musical titans sat down and started a fake beef to get maximum exposure for their headphone companies and I love it. Get those dollars! The public wanted blood but you two are secretly laughing to the bank once again. Check out the story in the Hip Hop Report from the folks at JumpOff.Tv.
Another banging report from the folks at
Just came across this new song which a mix of Tupac, Ice Cube, and the Game. It just makes me think that if Pac was still alive how much power he would have in the rap game and outside of it. If Tupac would have called for all of the youth to assemble and to await his orders the streets would be flooded like those your saw in Egypt. Ask the FBI if you disagree.
Another classic Hip Hop Report from you know the drill.
Since I know a lot of people from the Caribbean who like salt fish and guava tarts, I thought to myself that I had to post this video from the folks at The title says it all, how to pick up women Jamaican style. Enjoy.