Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

The boys and girls at Auto Tune the News are coming hard with the news and are addressing issues such as Health Care and Turtle Fences. You got to love it. If the economy does not improve in the next 9 months, I think that we all will be force to build turtle fences.
I think that we do not use logic to try to understand the world around us and we rely too much on our people to develop our world view for us. This needs to stop. I invite you to watch the video below, which I hope will encourage you to seek out the truth for yourself.
I have to give it to Diddy on this one, his swagger is on a 100,000. This is the power of Legacy.
This is what I am going to be bumping as I get ready for a night out on the town in Chicago. Now picture us drinking what we drink, and smoking what we smoke as we go 80 miles per hour on Interstate 94 in my gun metal coupe. And of course we will have the music blasting all through the ride. Imagine all of this knowledge that I have in my head being shared with you, so the conversation is not boring. Just don't let my girl catch you talking to me, she will beat your face in.
Officer Ricky pours our this heart to Tia just in time for Valentine's Day.
Some would say that African Americans just want a hand out with the current Health Care Debate. However when African Americans stood up against police brutality and improper health care, and started policing their own neighborhoods and providing free health care to the poor that is when the United States Government stomped on the necks of African Americans. But History will try to white out the positive actions of the Black Panther Party, who helped the African American communities greatly. If you study HISTORY you will find that African Americans have always tried to solve they own problems without relying on the United States Government.

Pop the video and get some damn education. Game On A Nation!!!
By now the internet is buzzing with the racist comment that John Mayer made, but maybe we need to focus our energy on institutionalized racism that has continue to effect African Americans in employment, education, and police abuse. It is time for class, please take your see and listen to ILL Doc ..........
This is type of line that you will use when you approach someone's lady and just tell her that "Your man is not me, but he could be". Pop the video to see the artist at work.
What does Professor East have to say about the current events? Pop the video and find out his key points.
I know that I have not posted in a while and I apologize about that. I am been traveling and doing a bunch a projects, but I came across a video that I wanted to share with you. Get your glass readying for some mind altering libations that will challenge your view point. How many times have your parents or others within your circle try to shape your view of the world? You know to understand the world for yourself. It is called self discovery. Pop the video below called Instruction Manual for Life and I hope that it opens the day for your own self discovery.