Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

Check your damn mail box, there is a hot copy of the Hip Hop Report from the folks at Now you little nerds can be up on some Hip Hop game. Tomorrow is a big day for me. You want to know what it is? None of your damn business. Watch the video and don't ask any questions.
After the State of the Union address by the President I had to post this video to let the Tea Party know that we are no joke. We hit the tea party up like Tupac.
This is what we need right now Mr. President for you to start putting your foot in the behinds of the Republicans behind close doors. Pop to video to see what I mean. I love it.
Have you ever read the Bible? If not I suggest that you read a couple of books within the Bible, and you will notice a lot of events within the Bible that will make you question who really wrote these collection of books. When you try to have a discussion about the Bible with people who are Bible fanatics, you will quickly see how illogical their reasoning really is. Please pull up a chair and just listen for a moment, then respond. Click the video below to let the lesson begin. I am trying to do is show the Game that is being ran On this Nation.
If Dr. King was here to speak on his birthday, I think these are the words that he would want to say about our progress and the steps that black males need to take. It is funny that these words are never quoted in the main stream media. Happy Birthday Dr. King, and may your words touch the reader's heart.
This young rapper from Chicago is putting all of these guys that wear skinny jeans on blast. This is a hot song and I have to stand by her side and say that skinny jeans on guys is some girlie shit. Just watch the video and let this youth educate you on fashion.
A lot of people who face a crisis in their life often give up and do not adopt their behavior to be able to over come the crisis. A lot of people claim that without the promise of an afterlife there would be no reason to live. I think that the writer of the book of Genesis left a big clue about religion when the "Tree of Knowledge" was included, and how Adam and Eve were forbidden from eating from this tree, because if they ate from this tree their own view point about life would change dramatically. Eating the apple, meaning using knowledge and logic, will cause you to question religion and your viewpoint will be changed forever. Pictures are a lot stronger than words, and the video below is the apple that I am placing in your hand. Do you chose to bite or not is up to you? May you now see the Game that is being played on this Nation. 
Ah man, my boy Swoozie got a story to tell like the Biggie song. He goes on record to tell how he got fed up being pushed around being a Disney employee and how he was going to quit with a bang. If I was there with him I would have to sleep with one of the Disney princess, that would have really been going out in a bang.
Eat your heart out Ted Williams, we found another talented guy that was down on his luck. You don't believe me then check out the video below. And wipe your feet the next time you come into my house. What's a matter with you?
Happy New Year everyone, I think we need to summarize all of the key events that happen this year and thankfully we have Skillz to do that for us. Check the link below suckers!!