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I have to stand up and bring this type of nonsense to your attention. How dare an elected official compare poor people to stray animals!! This Lt. Governor wants to take away free and reduce lunch because of poor test scores in school districts. Listen to the Young Turks video that breaks down the Lt. Governors nonsense and call him out. If you live in North Carolina please vote this clown out of office. Open up the video and open up your mind at the same time. Learn to read the racial code words that are being thrown in media.
If you have not read a newspaper or watched the news, then you are unaware of the Supreme Court Ruling which makes it possible for Corporations to spending unlimited funds behind or against a chosen candidate. Imagine what the Senate Elections and the 2012 Presidential Election will look like because President Obama is taking a stand against Financial Corporations. Now those Financial Corporations will throw unlimited money to stop President Obama from being re-elected. Listen to Keith Olbermann drop the hammer on the Supreme Court's nonsense.
President Obama has been really trying hard to make change of substance for the American people, but I bet he has some days where he just wants to say, "Fuck It." Here is a clip from the show Super News where they show what it would be like if the President did take that stand. Enjoy the clip the below.
Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What would you say to the 1st African American President of the United States regarding the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Are you really curious about the words that Dr. King may say?? Well listen to him in his own words regarding war by clicking the video below. It is no wonder that Dr. King was feared so much when he was alive.
This song gets me so hype, and this is how I grind all day to put that paper in my pocket. If you have not heard this song or seen the video check it out below and just get it in.
Star from weights in on the Dip Set split and goes in on a lot of people in the industry.
My boy Ill Doctrine took the words straight out of my mouth regarding the situation in Haiti. Pop the video and let these words of wisdom ring through your ear drums. God bless the dead in Haiti. If you have a dollar to spear please contribute aid to one of the nations in the western hemisphere that understands what it means to fight for freedom.
Pat Robertson has used a technique that many in the majority have done when speaking of people of color. That technique is to blame the victim for their misfortune or victimization. Instead of praising the history of Haiti, Pat Robertson makes the claim that Haitians made a deal with the devil to over throw the French during the slave revolt. In addition, he had the nerve to say that the people of Haiti are cursed.

Shame on you Pat Robertson, and may the Lord open your eyes to true Christian love. 
If you lost your iPhone over the holiday break this gentleman in the video below may have found it for you.
There was a solider by the name of Marc Hall who was about to be discharged from the Army but then the military used a policy called "Stop Loss" to extend his contract with the Army. He wrote and recorded a rap song to protest his angry over the Army's use of Stop Loss. Because he wrote the song the military decided to detain and place him in jail. Please go to the following website to hear his full song so that you can put it in prospective, Here is a news story covered by ABC talking about this event.