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It has been 20 years and we are continuously reminded of the Tienanmen Square Massacre that occurred in China and we are thought in high school that the military force that was used was the result of a Communist government. However let us use critical thinking here. Anytime a government uses military force to kill its own citizens, we must condemn that government. If we condemn China for the Tienanmen Square Massacre, then we logically have to condemn the United States government as well. You may ask for what? Well here are a list of our own massacres where the United State government used military force on its own citizens.

1968 - Democratic National Convention Protest Activity - 8 days protesters and police battled, Mayor Delay (Sr.) requested the use of the National Guard and told local police to shoot to kill.
1970- Kent State Massacre - National Guard kills student protesters
1970- Jackson State College - A group of students were confronted by city & state police. The police opened fire and killed 2 students and injured 12.
1971- May Day Protests - 1000 National Guards and Federal troops used force and tear gas and 12,000 citizens arrested which is the largest mass arrest in US history.
1979 - White Night Riots - George Moscone & Harvey Milk are assassinated. Police are in full riot gear, use tear gas, and severely beat US citizens about 100 were hospitalized.
1980 - Miami Riot - Miami Police and National Guards used force and 10 African Americans died

I am not against America, in fact by me calling out the faults of America actually shows how much I love this country. If you parents were using drugs and you stood silent and let them continue to use drugs would that being the correct way to show them that you love them? Or is the correct thing to do is to call out your parents for their drug abuse and let them know that you will not stand for it? It is obvious that the latter is action that one would take to show their love for their parents, and I feel the same way about the United States. 

If you are well read no one can pull the wool over your eyes, now someone get me something to drink I am getting thirsty taking these guys to school. As always, "Read Up before You Speak Up" (copyrighted by GameOnaNation)

Jack B. Nimble
6/3/2009 03:36:06 pm

i remember seeing tanks roll over protesters. It was horrendous. thanks for the knowledge.


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