18 Year Old Calling out the Governor of South Carolina - Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual

Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual


I would to like to raise your attention to a young woman who is leading a lawsuit against the Governor of South Carolina because the Governor does not want to receive stimulus funds from the Federal Government. And if the state of South Carolina does receive any stimulus funds, the Governor wants to use it to pay down the state's debt instead of putting it towards education.

Education is one of the only ways (unless you have a talent that everyone wants, athletic, musical, artist, etc.) that someone of an underclass can gain mobility. When you have a Governor who is playing politics with the lives of so many and the public school system in his state are in shambles, how can you not call this nothing but “game on a nation”. This young girl has seen through the nonsense. I hope that this inspires you to become active in some way.

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