Game On a Nation: Hip Hop Intellectual


Star and Buc Wild make outlandish claims against Professor Michael Eric Dyson and claim that Dr. Dyson was jiving in front of white people on MSNBC. If these two guys had followed Professor Dyson career they would know that he has never shook and jive for white people on TV. These two are just clowns and I hope Professor Dyson does not waste a thought on these two. Check for the video for the nonsense that was said.

Now I need a drink, talk to you later.



A True Hater
06/16/2009 05:47

I'm surprised these cats even appeared on Game on a Nation. They basically disagree with Dyson's critique of Obama, but fail on an epic level to make a counterargument. The best they can do is argumentum ad hominem (attacks against the man). Weak sauce.


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